Tuscany landscapes – Italy

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  1. Oh, Leia, these are so beautiful. We each traveled in such lovely lands, didn't we? And now we are doing the laundry and playing catch-up on all of our chores. It's wonderful to connect with blogfriends, isn't it, both on-line and in person? What a gift this community has become!


  2. Welcome back home! yes, we all know that there's so much to do when we come bak to real every day life.. I'm glad you visited my ancestors's land!Tuscany is one of my favorite places in the world, and each of your pictures is like a marvellous postcard;


  3. Salut, Léia! Did you two just get back home from here? Looks like you had awesome spring blossoms and weather in Tuscany. Lovely!


  4. opaz, que show de imagens… imagino que vc já tenha assistido um filme mela-mela chamado SOB O SOL DA TOSCANA… combina bem com essas imagens…

    intepz, e quero ver mais fotos dessa região… no aguardo e na expectativa…



  5. I love Tuscany, it is one of the most beautiful places on Earth… I'd give everything to live there, maybe in a city by the sea!

    (Next time call me, we'll meet at midway!)


  6. I love your pictures of Tuscany, Leia! It is such an incredibly beautiful place and you've captured it perfectly! Would love to visit there! Hope your week is going well! Enjoy!



  7. Oh how yummy! I've heard about Tuscany but have not visited there and now I have another place to put on my Bucket List. That list, by the way is growing longer, and my time is growing shorter! Yikes!

    These are such lovely and enticing photos. They'd be terrific in a travel brochure.

    Thank you, Cezar, for your multitude of comments this morning (as if you didn't have anything else to do!) Much appreciated, though.

    And in honor of your Tuscan trip, I have penned a small poetic tribute to the two of you. It goes like this:


    There was a young couple
    From Luxembourg
    Who decided to vacation
    In Tuscany.
    They put on their clothes
    Including their pants – for
    This was the home of
    The Renaissance (Italian, of course!).

    They took bunches
    Of cameras
    Guidebooks and
    And set off to check out
    Old cities and shrines
    Both happy as larks
    The man and his “honey.”

    They'll never forget
    This time together
    Gourmet dinners and wine and
    Delicious weather.
    And when they grow old
    Sit sipping their tea
    They'll speak of their love
    And of Tuscany!


  8. Wow! These are all so beautiful. I was going to try to say which one I like best, but I can't. I love them all.


  9. How beautiful. Your photos are exquisite.
    Luxembourg is so ideally located for traveling to the rest of Europe.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel


  10. Cezar and Leia, Tuscany is simply beautiful at all times of the year, isn't it? I envy your recent visit.


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