Robert Doisneau Exhibition – Manderen, France

As a huge fan of the French photographer Robert Doisneau,
 today my heart is filled with joy and inspiration because I had 
the opportunity to attend his exhibition at Château de Malbrouck
 in Manderen ( France ), also to introduce his work 
to Cezar and share it with you all.

Robert Doisneau Exhibition
10 April – 28 August 2011 

“I don’t photograph life as it is, but life as I would like it to be,”
 Robert Doisneau
( 1912 – 1994)

No pictures inside were allowed, but I got some 
of my favorite ones from my book about him.

“Le baiser de l’Hotel de Ville”- 1950

 “Le Frères”- 1934

“Baiser Blotto”- 1950

“The marvels of daily life are so exciting; 
no movie director can arrange the unexpected 
that you find in the street.” 
Robert Doisneau

32 thoughts on “Robert Doisneau Exhibition – Manderen, France

  1. I like this photographer as well. It must have been a nice exhibition! Those giant prints on the wall look fantastic.
    Bisous mes amis!


  2. What a beautyful place for an exhibition! and I love the quotes!
    (You should love an other french photographer, Willy Ronis. Try to google him.)
    PS:I'm flying much norther than Lille; To a place whith trolls, fairies, and dark beaches…


  3. I remember studying him when I took my first Art History class. That's when I decided that wanted to be a photographer. The exhibit would be something to see. I can only imagine the feeling you got when you were able to see this. I am so happy for you both.


  4. Wow, amazing work and presentation! That must have been an incredible exhibition to see, and what a tremendous setting too! Thank you for sharing this with us.


  5. The fact that most of these images were carefully staged with plenty of resources at hand doesn't diminish the value of the amazing results!


  6. I'm not familiar with his work, but I should be! Wonderful Thanks for introducing him (or re-introducing him, in the case of the better informed) to all of us.


  7. Oh, Léia, how exciting for you and Cezar! What a wonderful opportunity!
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel


  8. Your photos of this wonderful castle are better than any I could find on the internet and you have given a real sense of the exhibit with its large displays. I have know of and admired this amazing photographer since I first held a camera (looooong time ago) and my favorite photo of him is his self-portrait you showed above.

    Wonderful post and photos, mes amis!



  9. I can see why you are such a fan of his. I will have to do some research of my own about him. I especially love the first photo. I like his philosophy on photography.


  10. I've not heard of him before, but I can see why you've become a “huge fan.” Excellent work. I like street photography, too, as you know. Thanks for sharing these pictures and more about this very talented man!


  11. Oh, je suis trop jalouse! Faut absolument que j'aille voir cette exposition;o)
    En attendant, merci pour ces superbes clichés;o)

    Re-bisous et à bientôt****


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