To Mother’s Day with love – Troyes, France

“Vierge de Pitié” (1500-1510)
Church of Saint-Jean-au-Marché in Troyes.
“Unconditional love for your children and love for mankind”

20 thoughts on “To Mother’s Day with love – Troyes, France

  1. And lots of love right back to you both! Thank you for your beautiful posts during the week, the lovely words, and your kind and generous comments on so many of our blogs! You are appreciated, Cezar and Leia!!



  2. You are two of the brightest lights in the blogosphere, Cezar and Léia. I always look forward to seeing your lovely photos.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
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  3. I sent a comment but I am not sure that it went through ! Happy Mother's day to you too !
    I spent it with my friend Ilona, but got a phone call from my son !


  4. Unconditional love is a wonderful idea…

    And even though you're not celebrating Mother's Day today, I'll wish you a Happy Mother's Day anyway…and, what the heck, a Happy Father's Day to Cezar, too!

    Whatever you're doing, I hope it's been a warm, very nice, weekend!


  5. I”ve been to TRoyes but wonder if that is the church with the bright red doors? It was closed that day. A lovely photo . Thank you for your sweet wishes. Your header is a knockout as well!


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