Lake of the Upper Sûre – Luxembourg

On top of the dam is a road to the south side of the lake. 

This artificial, lovely lake provides drinking water for much of Luxembourg, 
and the three miles nearest the dam is a protected area.
 Swimming, fishing (permit required), windsurfing, 
canoeing and sailing are allowed on the remainder of the lake
 and these activities are very popular. 

25 thoughts on “Lake of the Upper Sûre – Luxembourg

  1. I love the waterfall. The last shot is very tranquil. Thank you for sharing this beauty! Happy Mother's Day (I'm a little behind today) and please say hello to Cezar!!


  2. Dear Leia, wishing you a very Happy Mother's Day — I'm behind today, too! Your captures are truly breathtaking! Love the water falling over the dam and would love to spend time taking in the beauty from that bench in your last shot! Hope both you and Cezar have a wonderful week!



  3. Wow! I love the curve of the dam in the first photo, but the next three just knock my socks off. The last one is amazing! I would definitely be framing that one.


  4. Hi! Thanks for the info.

    It was a hazy day
    And the sky was gray
    But of your photos
    All I can say is
    They're beautiful.
    But I hope someday
    You'll show us more
    In color too
    With grass of green
    Azure water and
    A sky of blue!



  5. How very pretty! I like how you have framed these photos and also I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day Léia. That's a gorgeous rose in your header photo.


  6. These are magnificent shots, all of them, and it would be difficult to pick a favorite. You have really captured a beautiful scene…

    Okay, I like the one with the bench the best!



  7. LIIIIIINDAS fotos a p&b! A luz é incrível! Minha favorita: a última. O VP deve adorar essa. 🙂


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