Jesuit Church – Heidelberg, Germany


27 thoughts on “Jesuit Church – Heidelberg, Germany

  1. Great place. I like the open light artistic feel of this church.
    Too many churches are too dark inside!

    Gunn / Norway


  2. I never imagined I would use “pristine” and “ornate” together to describe anything, but they're exactly the words to use for this church's interior.

    Where is St. Ignatius though? Unless the clay sculpture is him as a recuperating soldier?


  3. All that white marble! Looks “heavenly.” And those pipes for the pipe organ! Wow! And that funny-looking sculpture in the 2nd group of photos – what's that all about? And that very last photo, down on the right…that's inside the church?

    The exterior shot looks like the Holga effect! Great job all around. Your photos are so well done and give a real sense of what this church is all about.

    Can I smell incense?


  4. I do love the architecture and what a gorgeous church! Your photos are superb as always, Leia! So much beauty! Enjoy your weekend!



  5. Achei bem interessante… geralmente as igrejas tem aquela cor escura e cara de COISA VELHA (especialmente se for Jesuíta), mas essa quebrou o paradigma, toda branca e com cara de novinha em folha… show!



  6. It is hard to find non-Baroque churches here in Rome, so to look at the simplicity of this one can be relaxing after the daily flood of gold of our churches.


  7. This is a lovely collection of photos. I would love to hear the organ . . . it looks like a powerful one.


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