"Locker bleiben" in Mettlach – Germany

Inviting benches…


“Stay relaxed” before enjoying the view of the Saarschleife!


23 thoughts on “"Locker bleiben" in Mettlach – Germany

  1. That view of Saarschleife is breathtaking! I imagine it would be nice from one of those boats too. Hello to Cezar!


  2. Oh, the view of Saarschleife is absolutely gorgeous!! You do get to visit some fantastic places, Leia! Superb captures! Hope your weekend is going well! Enjoy!



  3. Amazing photography in that bottom or last photo. I really like that spot. What a place to build your home, up high and dry, overlooking the beautiful river below, ringed in green.


  4. Omigod! I went through the first two photos and then the third! You set that up beautifully as that third shot just knocks one out! What an incredibly beautiful scene! And you must have been way up high when you took it. That is a very thick forest. I wouldn't want to get lost down there!

    Glad you were up early studying…I'm sure you're speaking French like a native now! Writing may be a little more difficult? But you're going to do very well, I know it!

    And I hope it's a beautiful day there in Luxembourg!


  5. Ich bin den ganzen Tag locker geblieben! :-))

    I think I absolutely need a sign like that to remind me that it's no use getting all upset about everything all the time!

    The “ribbon”, also die Schleife, is absolutely gorgeous! Bravo !


  6. Now where have I seen that riverbend before!? I hope you guys enjoyed your trip into Saarland.

    (By cooincidence, I was in Mettlach last weekend and I plan to show the riverbend from the other side of the river in my photoblog soon.)


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