Baden Baden – Germany


24 thoughts on “Baden Baden – Germany

  1. I'm so enjoying the clock tower and all the details on that building. I hope you an Cezar have a great week!


  2. Lembro que quando a Rubi visitou falou bastante dessa cidade e eu nunca esqueci pq tem o mesmo nome da ótima cerveja BADEN BADEN de Campos do Jordão, então imagino que exista alguma cerveja bem famosa por aí…

    Show as fotos.



  3. I always joked about the name of this city, but I see it is a very interesting place. With some nice benches…


  4. Why do they call it Baden-Baden? It doesn't look bad to me! 😉

    A very lovely village captured well by your camera. It looks like the left tower of the church is smoking, though!

    My favorite of the series is the last one. I love the way it's composed and the muted, pastel colors.

    I also love your header – gorgeous flora!


  5. Beautiful images and points of view. This city has wonderful charm. And sorry for the confusing post today. Sometimes I am carried away with too much silliness :^)


  6. I am always so impressed by these beautiful old buildings. Thank you for showing us another lovely town in Germany.


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