Bourglinster – Luxembourg

Bourglinster Castle

For views of the exterior, please visit here.

20 thoughts on “Bourglinster – Luxembourg

  1. I like the way the decoration is set! You could have kept those pictures for Weekend Reflection!

    PS: I' d like so much to be sailing to Norway..but, I'm not!It's an amazing Internet programm: during 4 days, the cameras and webcams on board of this boat are filming and showing the travel along norvegian shores. It's first time that such a thing is made.


  2. The exposed beams make for a wonderful reflection and the cabinet has wonderful details.

    Happy Father's Day to Cezar!


  3. Marvelous captures as always, Leia! I do love the mirror! What lovely reflections as well! Hope you and Cezar have a lovely evening!



  4. You get an A plus for creativity and photographic design today! Just beautiful photos…the mirror shots I love! Looks like another magnificent castle although I still don't think I'd want to live there!

    Hope your weekend has been all that you hoped for!


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