Wednesday Doorway – Bremen, Germany

“Kontorhaus am Markt” – Right in the heart of Bremen, on the marketplace and the world cultural heritage

 town hall and Roland, is the counting-house on the market, the meeting place for beautiful things and      moments.

24 thoughts on “Wednesday Doorway – Bremen, Germany

  1. It is an excellent doorway, Cezar and Leia. Stories carved at the top of the columns, heads on the arch, filigreed work in the glass . . . we won't see doorways like this anywhere else!


  2. A wonderful doorway with fantastic architectural details! Fun to catch up on your blog tonight!
    Warmest regards from EAGAN to Cezar & Leia


  3. Très belle porte! Et impressionnante! J'aime le contraste de la pierre blanche et des briques rouges!

    Big bisous et belle fin de semaine****


  4. This is quite an incredible entrance door. One could get a feeling of self-importance just walking through it!


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