Rheinfall – Switzerland

The Rhine Falls are the largest plain waterfalls in Europe.


23 thoughts on “Rheinfall – Switzerland

  1. Hei.. I have been there.. !! About 30 years ago, but anyhow. I didn't remember, that that was so big. I was also in the boat. It is very beautiful (and wet) place 🙂
    Thank you showing.


  2. Interesting images. I didn't know there were waterfalls on the Rhine. I love coming to your blog to learn something new about your part of the world :^)


  3. Gorgeous waterfall and superb captures as always, Leia! I didn't know there were waterfalls on the Rhine either! Such a beautiful world you live in! Have a lovely evening!



  4. It looks like a powerful waterfall, and it is made all the more beautiful by the intensely green foliage around it.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
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  5. Hou la la! Ce bateau semble s'approcher dangereusement! Je ne serais pas rassurée si j'étais à bord!

    Big bisous * et bravo pour ces très beaux clichés***


  6. Not quite Niagara, but very impressive! Quite close to the Constance Lake, I believe, but I have never been there. You have soon seen more of Europe than most Europeans!


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