Cèdre du Liban à Tours – France

This cedar of Lebanon, bicentenary, is one of the largest of Europe.

 It was planted in 1804, under Napoleon 1st.
This impressive tree gives desire for moving the walls of the close buildings so that its splendid branches can be spread out beyond the surface which they occupy today, i.e. nearly 800 square meters.
 According to data’s collected by Association TREES, the cedar has a scale of 33 meters, a 31 meters height and a circumference of 7,5 meters.


24 thoughts on “Cèdre du Liban à Tours – France

  1. É uma arvore impressionante. Aonde eu trabalhava aqui no CIC em Curitiba havia um desses,mas foi sendo cortado pouco a pouco, nos quse 10 anos que trabalhei lá reduziram uns 80% da pobre árvore e um ano depois fiquei sabendo que cortaram totalmente.




  2. A loved tree in a protected landscaped setting. We love our 200+ year old live oaks where I live with their long strong branches, capable of surviving the fierce winds of hurricanes (most of them).



  3. It's impressive, isn't it? I loved it when I was there, and your photos bring lovely memories:)
    Have a nice afternoon!


  4. What a gorgeous, incredible tree!! Superb post for the day as always, Leia! Definitely the most wonderful of all umbrellas! Thanks for the beauty! Have a lovely evening!



  5. The tree is beautiful. Isn't it unfortunate that it doesn't have more space to spread? But, when it was planted and the buildings were built, no one expected it to live so long or become so big.


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