Church of Saint Nicholas – Rodemack, France

Rodemack is a small medieval village situated on the French
 North-Eastern border with Germany and 
the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Church of  Saint-Nicolas, rebuilt in 1783.






27 thoughts on “Church of Saint Nicholas – Rodemack, France

  1. This is a lovely small church. The way you captured your images with available light is masterful! Good work, Cezar and Leia.


  2. The outside looks very plain yet the inside it very beautiful, it's a very inspirational place.

    Please say hello to Cezar, I always enjoy his visits and comments 🙂


  3. Your photography is superb! What a marvelous church – so ornate and colorful and full of light. Quite amazing that one would find this in a small medieval village. I would think such churches would be rather plain and ordinary.

    St. Nicholas? Perhaps this is where Santa comes from? No?


  4. Re your comment to me about your beautiful daughter. Hard to believe she's going to be 18. From everything I have heard from you, she is a wonderful person who exemplifies the best of young womanhood. And I would judge that what she has become is largely the result of the love she's received from both Leia and Cezar…and in some very important ways, she is a reflection of both of you!


  5. The stained glass windows are always very beautiful !
    I had some in the dining hall when I stayed at the Balliol College in Oxford.


  6. Surprise is always great, when the church is quite different on the inside than from the outside you would think it to be. This church is really beautifull.


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