Botanical Garden of Curitiba – Paraná State, Brazil

Cezar is from São Paulo and I’m from Paraná .
With my heart full of joy, I proudly present
 the Botanical Garden of Curitiba – Paraná.
This is a park located in the city of Curitiba, the capital of the state of Paraná, 
and the biggest city in southern Brazil.



“Amor Materno” ( Mother Love) – 1907
Sculpture in bronze by João Zago.

Araucaria angustifolia, the Paraná pine or Brazilian pine, it is native to southern Brazil.

September 7th – Brazil’s Independence Day
Congratulations to our beloved home country!

29 thoughts on “Botanical Garden of Curitiba – Paraná State, Brazil

  1. These are wonderful. You have ample reason to love your town and to be proud of it. Thanks for sharing it!


  2. Impressionnant, le bâtiment en verre sur les deux premières photos!
    Et j'aime beaucoup la statue!
    Et les pins, me rappellent mon enfance lorsque j'habitais dans une petite maison au milieu de la pinède à Nazaré! Hum! Je sens la bonne odeur de la résine de pin que mon père ramassait, en plus de son travail à la boulangerie, pour arrondir les fins de mois;o)

    Re big BIZZZOUZZZ****


  3. The statue is very captivating, but my eyes are drawn to all the links from the windows. Simply amazing! It must have been extra special to visit.


  4. Oh, these are breathtaking captures and what a gorgeous homeland you have, Leia!! Thank you so much for sharing the beauty. I do love the fountain! So good to see you back online! Have missed your wonderful posts/photographs! Hope your week is going well!



  5. I love the statue, and the iron place behind (la verrière, splendide!) I like the mix between old and new buildings. Congrats to beautyful Brazil!


  6. Welcome back! Congratulations to you both and your wonderful homeland! What beautiful photography of this lovely setting! Hope you had a terrific vacation :^)


  7. Welcome back! Hope the jet-lag is gone now… 🙂 Love the greenhouse and the setting on the 4th pic.

    You managed to get rid of us 189 years ago! LOL! Happy Independence Day!


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