School Yard – São Paulo, Brazil

Pateo do Collegio, is the name given to the historical Jesuit church
 and school in the city of São Paulo, Brazil. 
The name is also used to refer to the square in front of the church. 
The Pateo do Collegio marks the site where the city was founded in 1554.
The city of São Paulo has its beginnings in a mission established by Jesuits Manuel da Nóbrega, 
José de Anchieta and others in the Brazilian hinterland.
In 1979, a museum dedicated to Father José de Anchieta was inaugurated in the Pateo do Collegio.
 It contains more the 600 items including colonial paintings, altarpieces and sculptures, 
documents and iconography pertaining Jesuit action in Brazil.

São Paulo History – The Colonial Period
Pateo do Collegio official website

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  1. History is my favorite subject. I love history because it gives me so many interesting details and makes me think about how I could have changed history has I lived in history and not in the present.


  2. I like colonial style in architecture.Those posts are really interesting, i like to discover Brazil trough your eyes!


  3. A marvelous, interesting post, Leia, and wonderful captures as always. I, too, love the kids with skateboards against the building! Lovely old building and school! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!



  4. Que céu mais azul e que linda architectura!
    Obrigada por nos fazerem viajar a um país fabuloso, amigos;o)



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