Joinville – Santa Catarina State, Brazil

Joinville is a city in Santa Catarina State, 
in the Southern Region of Brazil.
Joinville was founded on March 9, 1851,
 by German, Swiss and Norwegian immigrants.

Even though it is considered a German-Brazilian city, 
its name is French (Joinville was named after François d’Orléans,
 prince of Joinville, son of King Louis-Philippe of France,
 who married Princess Francisca of Brazil, in 1843).

The land where Joinville is located was part of the French and
 Brazilian Royal Family wedding gift,
 even though the Prince of Joinville and his Brazilian bride 
had never been to the land.

Joinville is the only city outside of Moscow to have a school 
of the Bolshoi Ballet, the renowned Russian Ballet Company.
Every year since 1982, Joinville’s Dance Festival gathers in the
 city thousands of professional dancers 
and viewers from all over the world.
The festival always takes place in the second half of July.

Joinville Town Hall 
Bolshoi Theater School in Brazil website.

24 thoughts on “Joinville – Santa Catarina State, Brazil

  1. Lindas fotos da “minha” cidade ! Vendo as fotos parece um sonho de cidade e eu realmente gosto de Joinville, mas fui sair pra caminhar com a Luna e já começou a chover…tivemos que voltar correndo !
    Ontem levei a Júlia para a aula prática de direção e fiquei fotografando a cidade, espero que as fotos fiquem bonitas porque depois eu vou colocar no blog.


  2. I think it's great that you are showing us so much about Brazil. The photos show what a beautiful country and modern country Brazil is.


  3. Well, this is one amazing post. And what a city. Thank you for sharing these gorgeous photos. Had never heard of the place, but it is beautiful. Such great colors. I must say I've not seen such a town hall! Incredible. Might even make paying taxes a fun experience? Nah…


  4. I love the wonderful and interesting tours of Brazil that you have taken us on, Leia! These are really beautiful captures! I love the white building with the blue trim! And the Bolshoi theater/school! Hope your week is going well! Enjoy!



  5. What an absolutely amazing place, Léia and Cezar. It's beautiful, and it must be so exciting. The Bolshoi, of all things to find in a French-named city in a South American-Portuguese country. Wikipedia says many of Joinville's citizens are German.
    I love your photos.
    I want the little house in the fourth photo, although I'm sure it belongs to the big place in the third photo.
    I enjoyed this post very, very much.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel


  6. J'ai adoré visiter Joinville à travers ces merveilleux clichés et les informations qui les accompagnent!
    Merci pour ce partage, les amis;o)

    Bises et belle fin de semaine****


  7. A fascinating glimpse into the history and town of Joinville. That's quite the unique colourful town hall, and I'd watch Bolshoi Ballet anywhere, but it's the white with blue lacy gingerbread trim house that most caught my eye!


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