Ehnen – Luxembourg

Ehnen is a charming village in Luxembourg 
with medieval character and narrow streets.

28 thoughts on “Ehnen – Luxembourg

  1. I really like places where people take time to put flowers and benches outside of their houses, and provide beauty to everyone passing by. It means that the village is serene and quiet.


  2. I love the feel of charm in these narrow alleyways filled with flowers. You always offer us such delightful and optimistic images. By the way, I thank you for your always kind and uplifting comments on my blog. Hope you have a wonderful weekend :^)


  3. Oh boy, that looks so nice about now – calm and peaceful and far removed from the hustle and bustle of the larger world and its cities!

    Beautiful photos, as usual!


  4. I was also going to make some comment about those sheep in your header photo – and all the wool. But, such a comment would make me feel a bit sheepish.

    Also, re your comment about the idle truck on Florida Fotos: You mentioned a movie. That truck is parked on the site of the house that was used as the hospital in the movie, “Doc Hollywood,” starring Michael J. Fox!


  5. What a lovely, delightful village! And you've captured it perfectly, Leia! Love the narrow, winding streets and all of those gorgeous flowers!! Wow! Fantastic! Wishing both of you a great weekend! Enjoy!



  6. I was a little confused when I saw 'Brazil' in the title with 'Willkommen' on the sign, but now I understand.

    The house with the blue trim is really wonderful!!

    Please say hello to Cezar!


  7. The light, texture and perspective of that last photo is stunning. I think that I see a vineyard in the background of the first shot… lovely, mes amis!

    Enjoy your weekend and “bonjour” to Luna!



  8. Like a fairy kingdom, so magical! Love the cobblestone streets and those pretty buildings. So beautiful! Thank you my friends and have a great weekend.


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