Curitiba – Paraná State, Brazil

“Paiol Theater” 
Built in 1906, the old gunpowder barn was restored and 
recycled in the 1970s, becoming an arena theater.
“Arab Memorial”
Paying homage to the Middle-Eastern culture,
 it works as a specialized library.
The Oscar Niemeyer Museum
“The museum focuses on the visual arts, architecture and design.”
“Passeio Público”(Public Promenade)


Souvenir Shop

22 thoughts on “Curitiba – Paraná State, Brazil

  1. The 1st old gunnery is a beauty. So glad it got a 2nd (less explosive) “life”. Wonderful scenes, thanks so much for the diverse tour.


  2. Just before Easter, we hosted 5 Rotary International guests from PARANA here in Eagan by the Eagan Rotary Club! One of the guests, Mayra, stayed in our home for 4 days – she was wonderful! Abrigado!


  3. Oh, I agree with Jack!! There is something for everyone here! Such a fun, colorful post, Leia! Delightful! Hope you have a wonderful week!



  4. I'm glad that the Paiol Theater was saved! what a fabulous and unusual ancient round building!every architecture is interesting here. We have a Nimeyer monument in France, in Le havre.


  5. The gunpowder barn is very interesting shape and recycling it as a theater seems like a great idea. The museums are very unusual as well, very creative designs.


  6. I'm thinking the people of Brazil are very creative! Love that theater in the round. And the Niemeyer Museum – what a beauty! Looks like you had some great weather for your visit! I wouldn't mind browsing in that souvenir shop, either!


  7. So many different things to see here! I love that old theater, what a unique building. And I'm sure I'd buy something at the souvenir shop. 🙂

    PS: I know about the Iguaçu Falls, but the last time we were in Brasil we didn't have time for them. It's on my list though! :))


  8. Amazingly different architecture in the first three photos. Even the souvenir shop has its own brand of architecture. LOL
    The public promenade looks very inviting, so green and pretty.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel


  9. Encore une très belle série et des bâtiments à l'architecture hors du commun!
    Je préfère le “Paiol Theater! C'est vraiment une excellente idée d'avoir converti un aussi joli bâtiment en lieu de spectacle!

    Big BIZZZOUZZZZ et belle semaine, les amis****

    Ps: Excuse-moi d'avoir oublié de te laisser le link pour mes nouveaux jardins virtuels! Je croyais l'avoir fait!
    Le voici:

    ps2:o): criei esses cantinhos sob un novo pseudonyme que é Mildred! He he he! Tive vontade de mudança. Aproveito para te dizer que meu verdadeiro nome é Cremilde se o já não fiz. Cildemer é um anagrama de Cremilde e Mildred contem todas as letras excepto a letra C. Essa eu utilizei com o “O” de Oliveira (meu nome de família) para criar um nome de família para Mildred, e esse nome é Eco! O Fernando Pessoa escreveu sob 3 heterónimos diferentes e eu blogo já com dois;o)



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