Wednesday Doorway – Luxembourg

If this house could talk!


23 thoughts on “Wednesday Doorway – Luxembourg

  1. Oh, I like this one! The door is so simple and the building is very solid. Did you notice that the columns on either side of the door are different? You need to find a way to go inside . . .


  2. 1592, that is wonderful. Even after three visits to Europe, it is hard for this Canadian to get used to the age of buildings there. Your photos are wonderful.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
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  3. Indeed, such poetic expressiveness delivered by your image and the sculptural beauty of this ancient place. A wonderful doorway to ponder. Have a lovely and brilliant day:^)


  4. Imagine the history it could tell. In the first photo, there appears to be an arch above the doorway arches, perhaps this opening was changed over the years.


  5. Superbe photos et superbe bâtiment!
    J'adore les vieilles pierres! Et oui, elles auraient tellement de choses à nous raconter si elles pouvaient parler!

    Big BIZZZOUZZZZ et belle journée, ma belle****


  6. Oh, the stories that have been told here… We have difficulty in thinking about something this old. I remember taking a tour in Canterbury, England and they spoke of how the history of a particular building was ruined when they renovated (in the 12th Century!) Amazing treasures you have in your country.



  7. I'm going to show my ignorance, but I cannot see a handle on that door…unless…that thing on the left is some kind of electronic release.

    1592 is just 10 years after Cristobal Colon took off to Asia…that's old!

    The building looks as solid as it must be…it's too bad someone has not refinished the door…

    Re ze poem: You're welcome. Meow!


  8. While I enjoyed the black and white of this building, I think I prefer the color photo. I like how it shows the contrast between the wooden slats on the door against the brick of the building. Wonderful!


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