Municipal Market – São Paulo, Brazil

The Mercado Municipal de São Paulo (Municipal Market of São Paulo) 
is one of the most traditional gourmet points of the city.
At Mercadão”, as it is affectionately known by the visitors, you can find a wide variety of foods
 – from fresh vegetables and fruits to meat, poultry and seafood of all kinds, 
pasta, sweets and top of the line spices from different parts of the world.

28 thoughts on “Municipal Market – São Paulo, Brazil

  1. Oooooopz, já fui até conhecer o bairro japones e suas comidinhas, mas nesse mercado classico não estive ainda tsc tsc tsc… legais as fotos, tá na lista pra conferir ao vivo.



  2. That is such a terrific and interesting market, Leia! I love it! It is interesting indeed seeing the stalls with such an elegant building. Love your photos as always! Hope you have a great weekend!



  3. Il est magnifique et imposant ce marché couvert! J'aime beaucoup le vitrail!
    Et les photos sont superbes!

    Big BIZZZOUZZZZ et belle fin de semaine, les amis****


  4. We so need a farmer's market. We are a small city of 6,000 people and only have one old grocery store. To go to a farmer's market we have to make a long drive in the automobile


  5. This reminds me of markets I've seen photos of in Italy. It's absolutely wonderful. I could spend hours there! And would! Yikes! I'd have to leave my credit cards at home!

    What a gorgeous building, too. Looks like it may have been a train station at one time.


  6. We went to a lot of these types of markets when we were in Brasil. They are fantastic. I love the glass window in this one. I'm sure you made some good buys! 🙂


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