Wednesday Doorway – Luxembourg

Ehnen – Luxembourg


27 thoughts on “Wednesday Doorway – Luxembourg

  1. Love the arched door!
    L'objet dans la première photo, il me semble que c'est une presse à fromage. Et l'objet en bonus, je crois que c'est un abreuvoir pour les vaches!???

    Big BIZZZOUZZZZ, les amis* et BELLE journée****

    ps: merci tout plein à Cezar pour sa visite et son petit mot sympa;o)



  2. I think the only word that applies here is “elegant.”

    Or superb!

    Re your comment on Ocala: I was interested to hear that our Ipanema is constructed differently than buildings in Brazil. It's a very popular place, but expensive. Lois is a vegetarian and I don't eat red meat so we've only been there once with friends…


  3. LOVE the bonus! :))

    I also very much like the doorways, so different from anything here in my town!

    By the way, I saw your comment on Jacob's blog. :)) Oh, and I don't eat red meat either.


  4. Love your captures for the day, Leia! Beautiful doorway and, yes, something secret, charming and peaceful indeed! I love it! Hope your week is going well!



  5. Just thinking about the sound while pumping the water – what a wonderful picture.
    Great the doors as well – makes one think only the good. Please have you all a nice Thursday.


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