Luz Station – São Paulo, Brazil

The Luz Station is the common name for a train station
in the Luz neighbourhood in São Paulo, Brazil.

The station is a remain from the period when the coffee was a major source of income to the city. 
For decades, the station tower dominated the city’s skyline and its clock
was the reference to the other clocks in São Paulo.

The Luz Metro station is also located within the complex.
São Paulo Metro at wikipedia.


31 thoughts on “Luz Station – São Paulo, Brazil

  1. It could be Gare de Lyon in Paris, very old european style! and so pretty, so inviting..(when I see modern stations, I don't feel like catching a train!)


  2. This station is so beautiful – looks more like a palace than a station:)
    Have a great week!


  3. Beautiful tower and building style! I gather from your post that coffee is not anymore the main export for Brazil…what is it now?


  4. The old train stations are so full of history when detail was not and after thought. It's wonderful that it has been maintained so well. Thank you for sharing 🙂


  5. Bonjour! (Don't laugh. That's the one French word I know, so I've got to use it when I can!)

    I am truly impressed. For some reason this makes me nostalgic…we have nothing so marvelous in the States so it must be merely the fact that we have so few passenger trains that go anywhere!

    What a magnificent building and complex. Your photos are excellent providing a wonderful look at the architecture of the Luz Station!

    Hope you have a wonderful week!


  6. What a magnificent building, Leia! And your captures are superb as always! Love the background of blue skies! We don't see buildings like this very often in the States — particularly as far west as Seattle and it was always one thing I really loved about Europe — good to see there are these in Brazil! Hope you have a great week, mon amie!



  7. I love it, so beautiful with its European styling. I can imagine when it dominated the area with its tall clock tower.

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
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  8. It is perfectly gorgeous, Cezar and Leia! Isn't it a shame that buildings this beautiful aren't being built any more?


  9. Wow! C'est tout simplement superbe! Et ces clichés sont magnifiques! Bravo les amis et merci pour ce partage;o)

    Big BIZZZOUZZZZ et belle aprés-midi****

    ps: on courage pour tes cours de français, Léia. Je suis sûre que tu vas faire plein de progrès, et tu sais tu peux compter sur moi si tu as des questions ou besoin d'aide;o) Donne le bonjour à ta prof nancéenne;o)


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