Banque et caisse d’épargne de l’Etat – Luxembourg

Banque et Caisse d’Épargne de l’État, is a Luxembourgish bank, 
established and owned by the Luxembourgish government.


27 thoughts on “Banque et caisse d’épargne de l’Etat – Luxembourg

  1. It's a beautiful building, Léia, more like a castle than a bank. I remember when banks in Canada used to be big, impressive buildings. Now they look like dry-cleaning establishments.

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
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  2. What a beautiful building! And I agree with Kay, it does look more like a castle than a bank. And, like Canada, our banks these days do indeed look like dry-cleaning establishments!! Marvelous captures and I do love those BLUE skies! Have a wonderful evening, Leia, mon amie!



  3. It has lovely architecture. (And, yes, lots of us have to cut back on fatty foods to manage our cholesterol.)


  4. Je suppose que même en ces temps troublés, il vaut mieux avoir de l'argent dans une banque luxembourgeoise que franco-belge… Joli immeuble à l'architecture surprenante.

    Léia, ton commentaire d'hier m'a époustouflée ! Bravo, ton français est excellentissime !


  5. I have never, ever seen a bank that looked remotely like this! Amazing building…it would seem much more likely to be the home of some rich royal or some sort of government building.

    What do you suppose goes on behind those dormer windows up on top? I'll bet there are a lot of secrets to be discovered!

    Now, on another topic: Leia, you've had me running for my French dictionary all day! But, finally I gave up. I could figure out some things but … well, I can barely understand English much less French! You're very funny!


  6. Quel joli batiment! La tour est typiquement nordique. Je t'ecris en français maintenant, tu n'as plus aucun probleme pour écrire ni pour comprendre! Bravo, et gros bisous!


  7. Uma bela arquitetura. Gosto quando há um contraste do céu azul com com as cores dos prédios. Gostei das duas fotos, principalmente da segunda pela mostra um detalhe.

    Um abraço
    Roberto, Brasil


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