Gotthard Pass – Switzerland


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  1. Absolutely breathtaking! A spectacular place indeed! And your captures are superb as always, Leia! I do hope you enjoy a delightful weekend, mon amie!



  2. Tremendous photos. I especially each of them! 🙂 The first one is magnifique, but it looks sooo cold. Actually, the shot reminds me a bit of Lake Blue Mesa in Colorado.

    The second is great fun – just think of putting up a couple of sculptures high in the mountains. I wondered (and don't laugh at my lack of knowledge) if this was representative of Hannibal crossing the Alps?

    The last photo is especially stunning, capturing as it does the town in the valley surrounded by gorgeous mountains and intertwined with all those snaky highways.

    I'll bet you had a great time!


  3. J'adore la Suisse ! J'habitais dans la Valais pendent qq temps quand j'etais en Europe. Tu ne trouveras pas de meilleures paysages.


  4. Mon Dieu que c'est beau. Une grande bouffée d'air.

    Et dire qu'avec le réchauffement climatique, un jour peut-être il n'y aura plus de neige…


  5. Absolutely beautiful photos, you two. I love the statue, also.
    We had a wonderful time on the Glacier Express, but our photos aren't as clear as yours because my husband took them from the moving train.

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
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  6. All three of these are wonderful. I have some vintage travel posters from the 1920s, and the Gotthard Pass was a popular subject for poster artists. I have never been there (yet!).


  7. I'm fascinated by the statues high in the mountains, it's a nice tribute. Stunning vistas, simply stunning!


  8. Nas duas primeiras fotos os tons de azul estão espetaculares. Lembrei do céu de Teresópolis no verão. Um azul límpido.
    Parabéns pelas belas imagens.

    Roberto, Rio de Janeiro


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