Aarau – Switzerland

A rill in the city center (a constructed functional rill is a small canal; of stone, brick, concrete, or other lining material).

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18 thoughts on “Aarau – Switzerland

  1. Fascinating. The town almost looks surreal – like a child's toy town! It's so different than anything in this country and so very beautiful and I thank you for sharing these wonderful photos.

    The first shot is magnifique!

    Bon week-end et vous!


  2. I never heard of a 'rill' before, thanks! The painting on the soffit of the theater is really neat. What a beautiful city. Please give my regards to Cezar!


  3. Bonjour Leia! What fantastic captures for the day! Such a beautiful city and such lovely fall colors! I do love the tours you take us on! Hope you and Cezar have a wonderful weekend, my friend!



  4. Incrível a casa na segunda foto, mas a vista geral na primeira mais parece uma cidade de brincar. Lindo!


  5. I really appreciate the roof top view of the first picture. It looks like something you might see in a TV Special put on my Disney World. Nice photos all.

    My best wishes you you two and your family.


  6. Super cool!
    Aarau was the 1st train trip from Hochdorf that Pete and I took when we lived in Switzerland. According to my photo album, that was on Sept. 10, 1989 (it's been a while).
    Thank you for a pleasant trip back in time.
    PS – I've been watching South American movies on Netflix lately, and just saw “Antonia” with Negra Li and other talented singers. Did you like that series/movie?


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