Wednesday Doorway – Ishtar Gate, Berlin

Ishtar Gate, Pergamon Museum – Berlin

The Ishtar Gate was the eighth gate to the inner city of Babylon. 
It was constructed in about 575 BC by order of King
 Nebuchadnezzar II on the north side of the city.

A reconstruction of the Ishtar Gate and Processional Way was built at the Pergamon Museum
 in Berlin out of material excavated by Robert Koldewey and finished in the 1930s.
The gate was in fact a double gate.
 The part that is shown in the Pergamon Museum today is only the smaller, frontal part, 
while the larger, back part was considered too large to fit into the constraints
 of the structure of the museum. It is in storage.


31 thoughts on “Wednesday Doorway – Ishtar Gate, Berlin

  1. I will never cease to be amazed at the craftsmanship and skill required to accomplish treasures like this. How did they do it with their limited tools and technology? Truly awesome.


  2. The colors are gorgeous and what a magnificent gate! A message from past glory indeed!! Your captures are superb, Leia, as always!! Hope your week is going well! Enjoy!



  3. I can only imagine how stunning that looks in person! I just watched a documentary on television a few months ago about Pergamon. Thank you for including the hyperlink to the museum.


  4. It's massive … hard to imagine this inside a museum. Beautiful reconstruction, though. And your pictures are wonderful.

    I'm glad that you are taking a bit of time to rest up. I think you work very hard and you need some time off to sit with Luna and play on the computer!

    We had a great time in south Florida but are happy to be home again. Please greet Cezar and Marina!


  5. This is an amazing re-construction and I'm sure it was even more so to see it in person. The colours are rich & beautiful. Thank you for sharing this because I have nevers seen photos of it before. Take care xx


  6. Hello Leia and Cezar. The colors are so vibrant!! Gorgeous! I would have never guessed this would be in Berlin.


  7. Wow, you have found a very famous work of art for your post today! The blues and golds are simply beautiful. You are fortunate to see this in person :^) Hope you have a fantastic and lovely day!


  8. C'est tout simplement magnifique! Et les photos sont superbes!
    Merci pour ce partage. Et merci pour les petits mots toujours adorables laissés chez Mildred;o)

    Gros bisous les amis, et belle soirée****

    Ps: je te laisse ton com avec la traduction;o)

    Adorei os tratores!
    J'ai adoré les tracteurs!

    AS fotos estão belissimas, como sempre!
    Les photos sont très belles comme toujours!

    MAssssss que delicia deve ser brincar na cama elastica!
    Maiiiiis quel régal cela doit être de faire du trampoline

    “”friozinho na barriga””””
    “avoir le trac” ou peut-être “avoir des frissons” ! I'm not sure;o)
    Re-bisous, Léia. Et bon courage avec le français. N'hésite pas. Ça me fait plaisir de pouvoir être utile;o)


  9. I've been to Berlin more than once, but never to the Pergamom Museum. I obviously missed something amazing! What a fantastic reconstruction of the beautiful Ishtar Gate! And to think there is much more storage… Ai!


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