Church of Saint-Jean-au-Marché – Troyes, France

L’église Saint-Jean-au-Marché


32 thoughts on “Church of Saint-Jean-au-Marché – Troyes, France

  1. What a lovely old church, Leia! The stained glass windows are beautiful and wonderful statues! Your captures are superb as always! Hope you have a lovely weekend!



  2. With you I feel like a japonese tourist who makes Europe in 5 days, lol ! You “jump” from one country to the other, lol !


  3. A place of majesty and grandeur made even more so because of your photos…you've chosen a variety of wonderful scenes to give us an overall picture of the structure.

    In the 2nd shot, the red backpack makes it zing. The two women in the third shot are exquisitely done. The bells remind me of myself – a ding-a-ling. The three women at the tomb is not biblical but an interesting pic. What must be a bishop looks like he's going to cry. Maybe it's the heavy robes.

    My favorite is the stained glass…so gorgeous!

    Thanks, Cezar, for helping to make my day with your comments this morning!


  4. The aged exterior is beautiful, I wonder how spectacular the view is from the bell tower. Please say hello to Cezar!


  5. Among a few other things, it is mostly churches like this, which represent France for me. Thank you for the memories. Please have you all a good Sunday.


  6. This is a beautiful church. It has much more light inside than many churches do.

    I love your banner photos! Great for the holiday season.


  7. Your presentation of beautiful churches is simply wonderful! I love the details you show us, and the amazing talents behind the craftsmanship of such holy places. Have a lovely Sunday :^)


  8. OLAZ, show o lugar, principalmente os vitrais…

    mas o que kurti mais foi o fundo do blog com os cristais de neve… show mesmo… e falando em neve aproveito para perguntar? e o frio? já apareceu? quase zero grau? por aki já estamos com um calor bem incomodo… especialmente pra quem ainda está trabalhando, mas perfeito para quem já pegou férias e pode fugir para as praias…

    intepz, boa semana,



  9. Me again, Cezar…re the photo on Stone Creek today: If you noticed the disclaimer at the bottom of the post…it is an optical “delusion” …

    This is the Stone Creek Grille – a very fine restaurant connected to the golf course. In front is the golf course practice putting green.

    There is a pond in front of these two things but much further away. I used a special program to flip the image and make it appear as if it were reflected in water.

    Worked pretty darn good. Fooled you and I know that's really hard to do. At least that's what Luna tells me! 🙂


  10. Hi Leia! Hopefully, you are now able to relax, leave the books behind for a bit, and enjoy the holidays!

    BTW, did you ever ride the carousel featured in your header?


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