Gruyère Lake – Switzerland

This is our contribution to WEEKEND REFLECTIONS
a meme hosted by James.


42 thoughts on “Gruyère Lake – Switzerland

  1. Ces paysages sont magnifiques, on dirait des tableaux!
    Remets toi vite, Leia, soigne toi bien!tu nous manques… Bises!


  2. What awesome, breathing captures! Wonderful reflections and such a beautiful place!! I, too, love the colors and the light! I do hope your new year is off to a great start for you and Cezar! And I hope you both have a beautiful weekend, Leia! Enjoy!



  3. So beautifull place and fotos (as usually..)!! I had to immediately find the location of the Gruyére-lake.

    Happy this year 2012.


  4. Gruyère Lake is a magical place indeed. Incredible photos, wish I could step into them. Have a great weekend my friends and thank you for continuously showing the beauty in your part of the world.


  5. I'm speechless! Well, not quite. I can't talk to you anyway but I can write and I think you could take all of these fantastic photos, print them and hang them on the walls of your home. What glorious colors and light. They are truly a pleasure to look at! Wow!

    Most importantly, though, I'm glad to hear you home and safe and sound!


  6. A joy for the sense of sight. Must have been wonderful to breath such space, such freedom, such beauty. Please have you all a good weekend.


  7. To Cezar: Greetings, my friend! Your comment on Florida Fotos – no, not crows…these are quite large vultures. We have two kinds of vultures in Florida – one has a black head and the other a red head.

    They're actually wonderful critters 'cause they clean up the environment.

    You'd be amazed at how big they are if you could see their wingspan up close!

    Have fun today!


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