Wednesday Doorway – Gruyères, Switzerland

Modest door…

…with a priceless view!


32 thoughts on “Wednesday Doorway – Gruyères, Switzerland

  1. Oh, a priceless view indeed! What terrific captures for the day, Leia!! So much beauty! Hope your week is going well! Enjoy!



  2. Nice series, Cezar and Leia. You got us thinking you were showing a humble doorway, and then . . . WOW! What a view. I like the people lined up to enjoy the view in the middle photo. Also love your new banner photo.


  3. Bonne année !!!!

    Le fait que la porte (belle) soit modeste n'en rend la vue que plus majestueuse.

    C'est bizarre, le Gruyère est le seul fromage que je n'aime pas !


  4. Very clever post! A not so modest door when you consider the view! Enchante!

    Funny comment about Luna and Bieber! I can't stand Bieber but thought it was a fun picture.

    You are back studying hard, I imagine. And everyone else is well and happy, yes?


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