Milan – Italy

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  1. I see you crossed Jaunpass and landed in Milan. Not a bad deal at all!

    Is this the famous Milan opera house I've heard about? Very beautiful structure and statuary everywhere!

    Nice to hear from you…hope your weekend is going well!


  2. Beautiful building, wonderful sculptures! Milan is such a beautiful city!! I always enjoy the beauty you share with us, Leia! Have a lovely weekend!



  3. It looks like a small palace that belonged to some nobleman's family. A nice photograph.

    In response to smoking and the post with the Flapper:

    It was the chic thing especially during World War II and even the Korean War era which I was part of. Our US government gave every soldier a free package of cigarettes and a candy bar in with their C-ration carton (meals for that day came in a package called, “C-rations.”) and later they became known as MRE for Meals Ready to Eat. I don't think they put cigarettes in them nowadays. At least I hope not.


  4. Hi Cezar…loved your story about the plate of beef you couldn't eat. I was deep in Mexico just once – on a fishing trip. I actually found the food less spicy than what we had in Phoenix (where we lived)…but I do remember some nice meals in restaurants with musicians playing…

    Hope you all are having a wonderful Sunday!


  5. You are very busy I'm sure…studying, studying, and taking tests! Thanks for explaining CV…I thought it referred to “resume” couldn't quite figure out how…don't overwork yourself! The weekend will soon be here…


  6. Magnifique architecture avec de bien jolies arcades!
    Merci pour le partage, les amis;o)

    Bizz bizz bizzz et belle soirée****

    ps: il fait un froid terrible! J'ai failli perdre le bout du nez et des oreilles en me rendant à mon travail ce matin! 10 mn de marche à pied avec un petit vent bien mordant de face par une température de – 10! Brrrrrrr!!!
    Keep warm my friends;o)


  7. An interesting city with a lot of nice things to see and visit! … da Vinci, La Scala… You give us another proof!

    From the previous comment, I understand that you have suceeded with your French exams! Bravo!!


  8. Toc toc toc! Il y a quelqu'un?
    Bon, j'espère que vous allez bien et que vous ne vous êtes pas transformés en pingouins!
    Gla gla gla gla gla! Ici c'est bientôt la banquise. Il faisait -14 ce matin, et ça va encore descendre!
    Au secouuuuuuuuuuurs! Je veux l'été!

    Bizzzouzzzz et belle fin de semaine****


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