Gruyere Cheese – Switzerland

La Maison du Gruyère website


30 thoughts on “Gruyere Cheese – Switzerland

  1. Miam miam, le gruyère! Je veux bien être une petite souris;o)
    Merci pour le partage de ces jolis clichés, et merci pour le plaisir de vos visites et petits mots sympas.

    Big bizzzouzzzz et bonne journée, les amis****

    ps: Cezar, c'est la fac de lettres de Nancy;o)


  2. Et couvrez-vous bien si vous sortez;o)
    Ah gla gla gla gla! Fait très froid. – 14 hier matin! J'ai cru que le bout de mon nez et de mes oreilles aller me rester dans les mains après une marche à pied de 10 minutes pour aller à mon lieu de travail!



  3. Bonjour mon amis! This looks like a fun place! I'm trying to imagine what it smells like…was it bearable?

    I'm assuming you ate at the restaurant. And I'd guess the food was excellent.

    Love that last photo with all that cheese! Wow! I suppose it is in the process of aging.

    Thanks for writing…I know you guys are very busy these days. I see you're at -9 C…from what I've read some places in Europe are really, really cold.

    Here, not so much. 82 F today.

    Have a fun weekend! The word for word verification is “latur,” so I'll say “See ya later!”


  4. Love the old photo! And I also love cheese! Terrific captures as always, Leia! I hope you and Cezar have a wonderful weekend!



  5. I LOVE cheese. This might be heaven! 😀 😀 (Cassie likes cheese, too … shared some of my feta yesterday.)


  6. This is a legendary and delicious cheese, often used here as a metaphor for something full of holes!


  7. Hum! je sens la bonne odeur du fromage d'ici!J'aime la belle photo ancienne.
    As-tu acheté du fromage? il faut en manger beaucoup quand il fait froid et quand tu as beaucoup de travail, ça donne de la force et des vitamines!
    je te souhaite bon courage pour les leçons de français, et je pense tres fort à toi!
    Gros bisous!


  8. Oh I love this cheese and of course your wonderful photos as always. I thnk you both for all your comments on my blog. I'm home from Paris and trying to get back to visiting all of my dear blog friends.
    Bon dimanche


  9. Louco por queijo! Mas… entrei duas únicas vezes em fábricas de queijo (Açores e Amsterdão) e ia vomitando com o cheiro! LOL!


  10. YUM!!!
    Did you just love Gruyere? One of my favorite spots in CH and one of my favorite cheeses (luckily, the local supermarket has them imported from CH. I'll have to check if it is from this manufacturer.)


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