Berlin Cathedral – Germany

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21 thoughts on “Berlin Cathedral – Germany

  1. It's massive. Huge. Really big! And quite beautiful in its own way. A very interesting history, too. You got some excellent photos of the interior – so well exposed. Hard to do that!


  2. It is better known as the Berliner Dom. There are a couple of cousins around town too, the Deutscher Dom and the Franzosicher Dom. I've never been inside this one, it's really beautiful! Thanks for the peek. 🙂


  3. Magnificent cathedral and breathtaking captures as always! Love the different view and detail. I hope you've both had a great weekend! Give Luna a hug for Sam and I and enjoy your evening!



  4. That's a beautiful cathedral. I love the ceiling in the last shot. All the photographs are a great tour of the cathedral.


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