Waiting for the Spring – Luxembourg

The weather isn’t very inviting to go out and take pictures.
 I’m anxious here waiting for Spring time!
City Center

View of Saint- Michael’s Church


28 thoughts on “Waiting for the Spring – Luxembourg

  1. In spite of what appears to be dark, dank and gloomy weather, you make all those things work together for a couple of very dramatic photos!

    And you've got some very special light in the first photo!

    So nice to see you put together a terrific copyright notice! Very well done! Be proud!


  2. Come on, Leia, grey skies can be very dramatic and make beautyful pictures!Think of all romantic writers who described joys of winter weather and cold winds! :o)


  3. Oh, I do so understand!! I'm so eager for spring to arrive!! We're actually enjoying a lovely sunny day — in spite of the fact that earlier this morning it was sleeting and snowing!! Love your captures, Leia, as always!



  4. I know what you mean, this time of year can be difficult for taking photos. I sometimes have a struggle taking something. But a good photographer should be able to find a photo anywhere, even if it's a still life of your cutlery drawer


  5. Hoping the sun will soon warm the earth and bring forth an abundance of green growing things for you two to take more lovely pictures of. Blessings.


  6. We are waiting the spring, too – here in Finland. But we have a lot of snow still. So I think your weather seem very good.

    Nice photos.. !


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