Valenciennes – France

Valenciennes at Wikipedia.


24 thoughts on “Valenciennes – France

  1. Ah les commentaires des sudistes… Malyss, même dans le nord il fait soleil ! Je ne connais pas Valenciennes, il faudrait que je retourne dans ces parages…


  2. Thanks for the Wikipedia link…what a fascinating history! It indicates that most of the city was rebuilt after WWII…

    In the first photo, I see a conglomeration of architectural styles, which is interesting and probably make the city more unique than others in the region.

    Your photos are beautiful, as usual!

    But we just can't get away from that scourge of the earth, McDonald's!


  3. You just have to watch this movie: Bienvenu chez les Chtis! Everything you ever wanted to know about the Lille, Roubaix, Tourcoing and Valenciennes area!


  4. I really enjoy seeing all of the interesting places you visit. This also looks like a great place to walk and I have a feeling that I would even find a better place than McDonalds to eat. 🙂


  5. This is a lovely and varied trio of images, Cezar and Leia. Maybe today I prefer the great lines of the modern space in the first photo.


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