Wednesday Doorway – St. Nicolas Cathedral, Fribourg

The Cathedral of St. Nicolas
 in Fribourg – Switzerland. 


26 thoughts on “Wednesday Doorway – St. Nicolas Cathedral, Fribourg

  1. Although the doorway is beautiful, I would love to see a closeup of the two ladies walking in the door. It looks as though there is a big difference in age and dress.


  2. que show… só na europa uma entrada assim… por aki essa area seria invadida por pipoqueiros, camelos, damoas da noite e mendigos…




  3. That's a fantastic door and entrance. It's imposing from a distance and then the details you showed us are great.


  4. Bonjour, Bonjour Luxembourg! Hope you're all having a happy day there and that they sun is shining and Luna is purring and everyone is happily speaking perfect French! 🙂

    This door is something…it's gorgeous and huge. You could put a small house into that entrance! The two women help give your picture a sense of scale.

    Were you able to get inside? Oh, silly me. You have more photos to show us of the interior, right?


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