First days of Spring 2012 – Luxembourg

…with beautiful sunshine!
Parc de Ville – Luxembourg


28 thoughts on “First days of Spring 2012 – Luxembourg

  1. Such lovely captures, Leia, and you can feel spring in the air! Hope your week is going well! Enjoy the beautiful weather!



  2. Que c'est beau, ces jolis parterres de fleurs sur l'herbe bien verte avec le ciel bleu au-dessus! Oui, ça sent vraiment le printemps!


  3. How nice that we both posted photos of spring on our blogs today! Looks like spring is bursting out all over in Luxembourg! The purple flowers in the first photo look like they're bowing in praise of the season!

    Thank you very much for checking out the slideshow on Sugartree Farms. You mentioned llamas. I did some checking and find there are significant differences between alpacas and llamas. These are alpacas, which mean they are smaller and have finer fleece than llamas. Alpacas have been bred for their fleece for 5,000 years. Llamas were bred to be carriers of burden and thus are also much larger than alpacas.


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