Wednesday Doorway – Luxembourg

Neumünster Abbey – Grund, Luxembourg

22 thoughts on “Wednesday Doorway – Luxembourg

  1. For some reason this building looks unlike a church…maybe it's the columns and the scrolling and the colors. It's quite beautiful, though.

    The door, however, makes me think it's a bank! 🙂

    Re your question: I clicked on the message you mentioned about Blogger's new thing, and it looks like the same thing they've been promoting for awhile, a change in the way the Dashboard looks. I tried it for awhile but didn't like it and am back using the old Dashboard. For one thing the new upgrade does not allow you do “hide” blogs you do not wish to make public or blogs that you have put to bed for awhile.

    I really didn't see any benefit to changing and I don't like change just for the sake of change.

    Or, it's possible I'm just getting old and cranky! Oui???


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