Arches of Bellinzona – Switzerland

23 thoughts on “Arches of Bellinzona – Switzerland

  1. Beautiful hanging flower pots !
    and the Arches look like a fashion gallery!
    I also had some troubles this morning with commenting on WordPress blogs ! They wanted my password ! I never had a blog there !


  2. Thank you for the link! I assuming the arches belong to a building that was or is a castle and now has been made into a shopping paradise?

    What a gorgeous city. I'll bet you had fun wandering through the place. How do you keep from buying a lot of stuff when you visit a city like this?


  3. Quelles arches magnifiques!ça allège l'architecture en la sublimant.

    PS: bisous à Luna! Jim était tres content de ses voeux et les a suivis: il a roupillé TOUTE la journée! :o)


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