View of "Red Bridge"- Luxembourg

You can sit on the bench, read a book, enjoy the view…
but don’t forget to take some pictures as well!

The Grande-Duchesse Charlotte bridge, also called red bridge, 
connects uptown Luxembourg with the European area of Kirchberg. 
More pictures of this bridge here.

25 thoughts on “View of "Red Bridge"- Luxembourg

  1. Wonderful view and such great shots of the “Red Bridge”! Love the bench, looks like a great place to enjoy the view, read and, of course, take pictures! Have a lovely week, Leia!



  2. I remember this bridge from your previous pictures! I thought it was beautiful then and still do! The red makes it stand out.

    And what a beautiful park. This must be where you had your vegan sandwich lunch? Lois would have loved to have had a vegan lunch with you and Marina.

    (I would also but I'm not a vegan so I'd probably bring my own chicken sandwich! 🙂

    I'm sure the weather will be warming in the days ahead. We're having a warmer spring than usual which most likely means a warmer summer. Our summers are hot enough!

    Hope you have a wonderful week!


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