Grund – Luxembourg


24 thoughts on “Grund – Luxembourg

  1. Oh, I do understand searching for some sun!! I've done a lot of that lately! Hope you both have a wonderful break, Leia! Look forward to seeing your wonderful photos when you return!!



  2. And you two have a marvelous time wherever you are headed that is warm and sunny. We will miss your delightful comments and your photos but know that you will come home with many to share.


  3. Très jolis clichés!
    Les escaliers sont vraiment charmants. Ils ont un côté romantique que j'aime beaucoup!

    Bizz bizz bizzz****

    ps: j'espère que votre pause à été des plus agréables et que vous nous avez ramenés plein de jolies photos;o)


  4. The weekend is over, over here. It is windy and warm today. We had 1.250 inches of rain yesterday and needed it.

    Your photographs are wonderful. I wish I knew what the name of the vine covering the wall is?


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