Wednesday doorway – Luxembourg

Do you see that door?

Here, a close up.

Service des Sites et Monuments Nationaux


31 thoughts on “Wednesday doorway – Luxembourg

  1. It's a beautiful door and quite fitting for a structure that houses the organization that cares for your national monuments.

    But your first photo is superbe. It is so nice and sharp and the exposure is right on and the light is great, but the blossoms exude the joy of life! Wonderful! And I like your treatment of centering the focus!

    Hope you're having a wonderful day!

    Would you believe it's been quite cool for for several days? In the high 40's (F) at night, which is very unusual for this time of year. I'm not complaining as it will become hot enough soon, but still…


  2. First i was looking these beautifull flowers, but your question put to find a door. It is very beautiful.


  3. What a terrific capture for the day, Leia!! I love the round “eye” windows and such a beautiful door! Hope your week is going well, mon amie!



  4. The pink blossoms caught my attention in the first photo, but then when I saw the closeup I went “Ohhh”. What a gorgeous door.


  5. More marvelous places you share with us. The first one with the blossoms is just gorgeous and I love the door with the patterned ironwork, so decorative.


  6. Elegant door and interesting “face” in that second photo, but the setting, composition and perspective in your first shot makes me happy. It's as if you strapped a camera on a bird to get that shot.



  7. Beauty lives within, then it shares its wonders with all.

    See Gailsman describing himself there then,lol.


  8. Oh that first image is sublime Leia, blissful blossom, just wish it stayed around for a little longer. I guess it's fleeting presence makes it all the more precious.


  9. J'aime beaucoup le premier cliché avec la vue plongeante à travers les branches fleuries!
    Marrantes les petites lucarnes au dessus de la porte! Effectivement on dirait des yeux!



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