Le Carrousel – Strasbourg, France

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21 thoughts on “Le Carrousel – Strasbourg, France

  1. What a delightful carousel, Leia! I love the soft colors and the beautiful horses! I always loved a chance to ride on one of these when I was a child, but there weren't many to be found! Have a lovely evening!



  2. The carrousel on the Place Gutenberg! Every time I go home, I take photos of it! For the last 10 years at the very least…
    No, don't know the little girl in pink.


  3. Oh, yes! I was here just six months ago. Strasburg is a marvelous city. Your live carousel image complements the series I recently posted from a carousel museum.

    Thanks for your visits while I was away. It was a special trip.


  4. Wonderful a picture. Must be twenty years nearly since I've been there. Again, a very beautiful picture. Please have you all a good Friday.


  5. I have never seen a double decker carousel. This one is extremely beautiful. Such wonderful artwork and craftsmanship.


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