Stein am Rhein – Switzerland

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26 thoughts on “Stein am Rhein – Switzerland

  1. Oii.. I have been there about 25 year ago, maybe more. And I think it's one of the most beautifull town in the Europe (I haven't been outside Europe 🙂 I have good memories in Stein am Rhein. But I've almost forgot it, so I'm so glad you put these fotos on.
    Have a nice weekend.


  2. I really enjoyed these. Now I can't remember whether I was in this town when I visited Switzerland in 2006. But certainly I saw much similar architecture. 🙂


  3. Switzerland really is a fairy-tale country, but I think I've said that before. Your photos are so nice and bring to life this gorgeous city. How fine it must have been to stroll such beautiful streets.

    Cezar – still on hiatus, but posting occasionally on a couple of blogs. Hope you all have a superb weekend filled with love and laughter!


  4. 11:15 and magic began. Makes me wonder why so many other places look so wonderful. Thank you for this journey. Please have you all a good Sunday.


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