Casemates du Bock – Luxembourg

The “Casemates du Bock” is a part of the city’s old fortifications
 and is an excellent example of military architecture 
which spans many centuries.

History of Luxembourg – here

The Bock at wikipedia


31 thoughts on “Casemates du Bock – Luxembourg

  1. Very interesting post. I liked the document that looks like it was written during the 14 or 15th century. It isn't a style that mimicked the Italian Renaissance Italic styles but it has many of the individual letters in it. It looks like the scribes stretched the ascenders to make the document look more official.

    The other shots are of the interior of Casemates du Bock are interesting because it shows the amount of labor that went into making it a fortification.


  2. What a labyrinth of rooms and “caves.” Has there ever been a time when human beings did not war against each other? I find this all most interesting and very sad.

    Oh, by the way, Cezar, your “pool” awaits! In Florida!


  3. Just a note on people: when we visited this place in 1982 my ex wife lost her purse there with most of our money and her documents.
    After a few desperate hours at the consulate and at a police station we were back at our hotel just to find that the concierge had the purse.
    A German tourist found it at the Casemates and brought it back at the hotel. Nothing was missing.
    Thanks to him again after 30 years…


  4. I feel the same way as Halcyon, I do love the old medieval city and how great indeed to be able to explore so much of the old fortress and walls! Marvelous captures for the day! Hope you both have a wonderful weekend!



  5. Stunning photos – some eerily beautiful and some a bit frightening. xx (I've been working and traveling and not able to visit as often as I'd like, but I still beam you beautiful days for your beautiful photos. xx


  6. Je suis toujours fascinée par l'audace et les techniques de construction du temps passé! Ferait-on une telle chose aujourd'hui? Certainement pas! trop dangereux! et pourtant, ça tient depuis des siècles!

    Bonne fête des Mères, Leia! Bisous


  7. I would love to visit an old fortress such as this. Your photos are so interesting! Have a great week my friends.


  8. Your photos are compelling with the labyrinth of passages and caverns. I imagine that this structure could tell many interesting stories and holds many mysteries.

    Leia, je te souhaite une joyeuse fête des mères!



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