Rovinj – Croatia

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  1. You always provide wonderful photos filled with interest. For example, in the first one, you've got buildings hugging the shore, what appears to be a castle or church with a huge towner, boats cars, a buoy, and nobody in sight!

    Have a great weekend!


  2. The smells of towns along the ocean harbors is different. I think the boats makes the scene even more vivid. Nice work.

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  3. The first pic shows a place being like a mix of Venice (for the clock tower) and some mediterranean villages( for the colored houses); It's always interesting to discover such places through your eyes!
    Thank you for your B-day wishes! :o)


  4. Another wonderful tour, Leia!! Marvelous captures and I do love those cities on the water! Wishing you and Cezar a wonderful weekend! Enjoy!



  5. I wanted to go here when I went to Venice last year but I didn't have enough time. Thanks for sharing your amazing adventures!


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