Aosta – Italy

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  1. The closer I have been to Aosta is Turin, and I see it now is a shame! Very nice pcture of a lovely place.


  2. You are taking us on a European tour, which I think is wonderful as it is probably the only such tour I will get to take!

    Every country has its own special charm, and you've captured well the charm of this Italian town. Each of these photos has its own unique point of view and its own beauty.

    The first enchants me because of the way you composed it, the balcony and flowers, that door and the sculptures on top.

    The second looks like a wonderful place to meet friends for a drink or a bite to eat, especially with that funky statue charging about on top of the pedestal.

    The third is all about the balconies and the colors – esp. that blue sky. How could anyone not like balconies?

    And the fourth: Well, it seems these arches are a requisite for many places in Europe. It would be interesting to know the history of this one – looks like it served as an entrance gate at one time.

    Hope you're having a wonderful day!


  3. Such a lovely town! The balconies full of flowers are delightful and I love the arch! A wonderful tour and superb captures as always, Leia! Hope your week is going well, mon amie!



  4. The first shot just stops me in my tracks. You've framed it beautifully, but the flowers, the balcony…I would spend all my time there feeling just like a princess…maybe a queen. I'm too old to be a princess. 🙂


  5. It's always a joy to see your images and what captures your attention. I love the balcony and the statues at the very top, as well as the third image with balconies and shadows. What captured my eye in the second image was the reflection of the gorgeous deep blue sky in the windows. Would love to know how old the landmark is in the final image. Another wonderful excursion!


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