Wednesday Doorway – Germany


30 thoughts on “Wednesday Doorway – Germany

  1. It's very bright and very charming. Love the shutters and the 1/2 curtains and the bench and all the wee flowers!

    Terrific photo!

    We're fine. Tropical Storm Debby hit land north of us and has now moved into the Atlantic. We've got a few clouds, but lots of sun. I'm going to play golf tomorrow!

    Thanks for your concern!


  2. Bright doors and shutters in unconventional colors. I also like the white bench matching the door and window trim.

    I understand your comment about rude waiters. Last week I was on a river cruise in Germany. We ate at a fine restaurant in Heidelberg. Before we went there, the tour guide told us the waiters have a reputation for being grumpy but the food is good. So, why does the tour company still use such a restaurant?


  3. C'est la maison de Blanche-Neige? le pots de fleurs sont si grands, le banc et les fenetres si petits.. Troooooop mimi!!J'adore!


  4. A rather charming little scene, full of colour and serenity.

    Thanks for your comment on my last blog entry. Three new photos to view together with a new headbanger theme. Enjoy


  5. Looks very cute ! I thought the picture was taken in Holland, lol ! they all have a bank outside (I mean not in the city center of course) my son bought a bank too which sits now besides his entrance. I am back since yesterday evening and luckily the sun is shining today !!


  6. Nice place:-) I visited Bamberg only once, some years ago during very short trip. I hope some day I will be back to Bamberg.


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