Castello Sforzesco – Milan, Italy






Castello Sforzesco at Wikipedia

27 thoughts on “Castello Sforzesco – Milan, Italy

  1. I am loving these Italy pictures. Would love to visit one day! Is it far from your home? Do you drive or fly?


  2. The construction is a bit different from what I've come to think of as “castle,” but it looks most interesting. And your photos, as usual, are superb. I will check out the Wikipedia link.

    Thanks for all your comments. We arrived back home this afternoon. Had a wonderful time. Now we start on another 55 years. Kinda doubt we'll make that, tho.

    We were in Tampa Bay…I posted a night shot of Tampa on the Florida Fotos blog today.

    Have a great Sunday!


  3. Milan is beautiful, you are very lucky to be so close to many beautiful old cities full of the most wonderful architecture and sculptures. Love the perspective in this last image. Happy weekend to you both.


  4. Fountains are a favorite of mine. Beautiful, but I'm getting jet lag from all this traveling with you two. 🙂


  5. Quite interesting exterior. I was surprised to learn from the link provided that it was a castle. My first thought was that it was a military fort. As Lowell said above, the construction is different from what some of us think of as a castle. 🙂 No matter, these are wonderful images and it looks like a most interesting and beautiful place to explore.


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