Wednesday Doorway – The University of Edinburgh

The University’s Teviot Row House building
The University’s McEwan Hall building

The University of Edinburgh at Wikipedia

29 thoughts on “Wednesday Doorway – The University of Edinburgh

  1. J'aime la couleur des pierres, et je trouve ces architectures fabuleuses! Je suis d'accord avec Ciel, on reprendrait bien les études!


  2. Well, it's very enticing – these wonderful old buildings and if I was many years younger I might be tempted to go back to college in Edinburgh. I'd love to enter that door to see what intellectual treasures are being offered.

    And yes, I'd love a cup of coffee, but my plane is temporarily grounded due to a financial misfunction so I'll have to put it off for awhile. Perhaps Cezar could send his personal jet for us.

    And tell Luna I said she should not sleep on your head or just off your head and she should tone down her purring.

    She's probably just very happy to have you home again.


  3. Wonderful architecture! I would love to visit there! Terrific captures as always, Leia! Hope your week is going well, mon amie!



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