The Grand Ducal Palace – Luxembourg

The Grand Ducal Palace at Wikipedia
More pictures here.


25 thoughts on “The Grand Ducal Palace – Luxembourg

  1. Hard to believe it is so old. And still so beautiful. Too bad the Nazis caused so much damage but that is what they were best at! I wonder if the Grand Duke would welcome me and let me stay there if I visited Luxembourg?

    Prob'ly not! I'm not a head of state. I could pretend though. Just call me the Grand Poobah of Stone Creek. Nah, that prob'ly wouldn't work, either.

    Hope you're having a fun day!


  2. Such a beautiful place and so much history indeed! Wonderful captures, Leia! Hope your week is going well, mon amie!



  3. J'allais dire qu'il avait un petit côté Renaissance avec les encorbellements… J'ai regardé le lien Wikipedia et ben oui, ça colle ! Très bel édifice !


  4. Bel immeuble renaissance! Il ma fait un peu penser à la conciergerie à Paris, ou même à l'Hotel de ville, tu ne trouves pas? tres beau en tous cas!


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