Wednesday Doorway – Bled, Slovenia

The Parish Church of St Martin – Bled, Slovenia


27 thoughts on “Wednesday Doorway – Bled, Slovenia

  1. I like the way you opened that great big heavy door and led us inside. And the inside is rather a surprise considering the rather plain exterior. The interior is so ornate and filled with all the accouterments common to Roman Catholicism and most of it is very old style. But still very beautiful.

    I like the pulpit the most but that's probably 'cause I could stand there with a captive audience and expound on all my favorite theories and people would yell and clap their hands and say “More! More! More!”

    Ha ha. As someone said, “In your dreams!”

    Hope you're having a wonderful day!


  2. Beautiful doorway and church. I like the first picture with the close up of handle and plate — very simple but decorative with a hint of what it is to come inside.


  3. Paintings are unusual and beautiful here! I like the handle too! Simple seen from outside, and rich inside, what an interesting place!


  4. A igreja é fantástica e tão diferente das nossas, mas o detalhe na primeira foto leva o meu voto.


  5. Beautiful captures as always and I, too, love the door handle! It is exquisite indeed! Hope your week is going well, Leia! Enjoy!



  6. Lowell said it so beautifully… you opened that large door and invited us in for a tour. The colors and the paintings are so vivid and light. The exterior keeps the secret well!



  7. Many fascinating things to see here, Cezar and Leia. I thought the fiery mural over the gothic door was amazing.


  8. Oh how I would enjoy seeing all these places in person!

    Really like the door handle image. Have never seen anything quite like it.

    I love the old church interiors, the paintings, statues, etc.


  9. Beautiful images Leia, I can't believe how ornate it is inside this little (not so little!) church. You're so lucky to be surrounded by so much history!


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